Polymers and Their Additives – Their Applications in Industry

Polymers and their application in the industry have been very widespread for many decades now. Plastic polymers have small molecules with chemical properties that make them ideal for use in manufacturing many household and industrial things. Some of the many factors that make polymers so popular include thermal conditions, stress withstanding capabilities and resistance against other chemicals.

But polymers by themselves are prone to damage too. Some changes, such as unintentional reduction in molecular weight, can lead to plastic degradation and product failure; manufacturers need supplement to improve a polymer’s characteristics and these supplements are commonly known as Polymers Additives.

Polymers such as rubber are naturally flexible. It is a desirable quality but it is not universally present. Lignin and cellulose nitrate are some comparatively rigid and softening them to exhibit rubber like properties is difficult unless it is plasticized. For this reason, plasticizing compounds may be added to a polymer to reduce its stiffness and increase its formability. Polymers Additives help in achieving this.

Also polymers aren’t colourful. Manufacturers impart colour to them with the help of Polymers Additives. The process is called pigmentation. Pigmenting additives can be used to change colour of plastics, which makes a whole range of consumer products highly desirable. However, some colouring agents increase a polymer’s susceptibility to chemical reactions. Manufacturers need to make careful selection in order to avoid degrading plastics in the name of adding colour to them. Polymers Additives are very necessary in the plastics industry and in order to know more about these get in touch with an additive maker.


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